By Bluesky Designs

Website Development

5 Project Task
1: Designs: 4 Weeks
2: Build: 6 Weeks
3: Content/Testing: 2 Weeks
4: Go live 48 hours
5: Transfer the website to your account

The project will start a week after the 1st initial payment which is 50% from the flat rate.

Timescale are subject to feedback and sign-off of each stage.. if it turns out being later than the deadline due to many changes and no communication than there will be a 40% charge additional to the flat rate full price that’s established on the contract

We Charge separately for the
-Designing platform
-Blueksy’s development work process


1: Payment structure 50% upfront & 50% after website is fully developed (independent of whether or not you publish it on your domain).

2: Payment via Wire transfer, or Apple Pay

3: Additional work beyond the deadline will be 40% more added to the flat rate

4: New components that are not described in the scope of work will be assessed in a new estimate

5: Business day count starts only after the client provides all resources requested, such as images, contact, details, ect.

6: After the project is completed and the payment has been received. The Webflow project will be transfer over to your account